2020 Newlyn PZ Festival

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This year’s festival will be held at The Acorn, Penzance over the weekend of Friday 24 April – Sunday 26 April 2020. Book your weekend festival pass now!

The Newlyn PZ International Film Festival is now in its third year – founded in 2017 by Diana Taylor and Anthea Page who are established film directors. See the 2020 Festival programme  https://newlynfilmfestival.com/programme-2020/

The selected feature films will be given a priority screening slot. The Film Festival is truly a celebration of film, created and curated with the filmmakers in mind. Our festival is about more than just watching films, and we will create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all attendees to enjoy and discuss between screenings in comfortable and relaxed environments.

Much of the value we offer comes from attending and enjoying the event, networking with the other filmmakers, and assessing the audience reactions to your film. We look forward to welcoming you to the 2020 event.


The winners will be awarded by a panel of esteemed judges the winning awards will be chosen from amongst the nominated films meaning all films entered into any category are automatically eligible.


The Newlyn PZ International  Film Festival is open to everyone, regardless of your age, experience or genre of your film and there’s an award that could be yours, the different categories are:

 Best Fiction Film (under 45 minutes),

Best Student Film (under 45 minutes, open to any genre of Fiction or Documentary film including Animation, and Experimental.

Best Animation (under 45mins)

Best Documentary ( 45 minutes or less).

Best Poetry Film ( 10  minutes or less).

Best Film by a Female  Director  (45 minutes or less)

Best Film made by Cornish Director or a film made in Cornwall (45 minutes  or less)

There will also be a category for Scriptwriting  less than 30 pages

  If the film is not in English then English subtitles are required.   

Please contact us if you are unsure as to your film’s eligibility. All submissions are preferred in standard digital HD format. All films must be submitted via Film Freeway.

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